After 18 months of pure focus on our flagship Paolozzi lager, we’re ready to unveil our new beer range. That’s right! Not even one more beer, but a whole new series.

We’re still about the best of Scotland – creativity, open-mindedness, playfulness – and so Eduardo Paolozzi’s still our inspiration. We’ve named our experimental beer series after his ‘BUNK!’ series of collages, presented at the BUNK! lecture in 1952, when he effectively gave birth to the Pop Art movement. Presenting “underrated, undervalued and misunderstood” materials from pop culture as collaged art, he blurred the divide between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art forever. Imagery from Sci-Fi sat alongside pulp fiction and packaging, advertising and movie stars.

So with our BUNK! series we’re looking to take underrated beer styles and re-present them to a new audience.



The first edition, ‘Edinburgh Brown’, is a collage in itself. The sweet UK brown ale style was appropriated by American homebrewers and dosed with New World hops to up the juicy bitterness. We’ve taken that American Brown Ale style and pitched in an Edinburgh yeast to give a silky texture to this malty-rich, hoppy-fresh brown ale. 

It’s 6% ABV, so a schooner is delicious, and pairs well with cheese and grilled red meats. For the cocktail lovers among us, BUNK! Edinburgh Brown’s silky texture and coffee notes make it an alternative to a post-meal Espresso Martini.

Edition 2 will follow in November; a Smoky Wheat style. From there we’ll aim to have 3 BUNK! editions on the go at any one time, so you can give whatever’s fresh a go in bars, restaurants and bottle shops. In the meantime, you can give Edinburgh Brown a try at the brewery shop, taproom, or at Hidden Door and Paper Mill Craft Beer Festivals this Bank Holiday weekend.

Was This Metal Monster Master - or Slave? 1952 by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi 1924-2005
Was This Metal Monster Master – or Slave? 1952 Sir Eduardo Paolozzi


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