BUNK! Smoky Wheat


Choose between 6, 12 or 24 bottles of BUNK! Smoky Wheat.

All packs come with a BUNK! pull-out guide poster, as well as beermats.

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BUNK! Smoky Wheat (5.0% ABV)

Our BUNK! series takes underrated beer styles and re-presents them to a new audience.  Inspired by David Bowie’s Starman, this is our ‘hazy cosmic jive’.  Typical of a German-style Hefeweizen, the look is a hazy golden-orange, and the nose is a decidedly wheaty-banana.  But rising through the wheatiness, is a complex, rich smokiness reminiscent of an Islay whisky.

The taste is crisp and creamy, as sweet banana notes are undercut by the subtle peated smokiness. A satisfying summer thirst quencher, it pairs well with seafood and antipasti.

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12 Bottles, 24 Bottles, 6 Bottles


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