#1   Edinburgh brown


The first edition, ‘Edinburgh Brown’, is a collage in itself. The sweet UK brown ale style was appropriated by American homebrewers and dosed with New World hops to up the juicy bitterness. We’ve taken that American Brown Ale style and pitched in an Edinburgh yeast to give a silky texture to this malty-rich, hoppy-fresh brown ale.

It’s 6% ABV, so a schooner is delicious, and pairs perfectly with chocolate orange. For the cocktail lovers among us, BUNK! Edinburgh Brown’s silky texture and coffee notes make it an alternative to a post-meal Espresso Martini.

Edinburgh Brown was voted Best American Brown Ale in the World in the World Beer Awards 2017

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#2   Smoky wheat

Our second edition, is not only a nod to Paolozzi, but also inspired by the work of another artist who sought to blur the divide between high and low culture, and bring out ‘the sublime in the everyday’.  In his 1972 single ‘Starman’, David Bowie sings about a ‘hazy cosmic jive’.

BUNK! Smoky Wheat is our hazy, cosmic jive. Typical of a German-style Hefeweizen, the look is a hazy golden-orange, and the nose is a decidedly wheaty-banana.  But rising through the wheatiness, is a complex, rich smokiness reminiscent of an Islay whisky.

The taste is crisp and creamy, as sweet banana notes are undercut by the subtle peated smokiness. A satisfying thirst quencher, it pairs well with seafood and antipasti.


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Our third and latest edition, Cherry Saison, is a real tastebud-tingler. We’ve glammed up the traditional Belgian farmhouse style with whole cherries, adding a hint of tartness and sweetness to a dry, warming base. 

At 6.5% abv, it’s one to be sipped from a wine glass, half pint or schooner glass.

Pair with shellfish, cured meats or roasted white meats like pork belly. The cherry adds a complementary fruit note, while the saison will cut through fat and salt.

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