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Mix and match 12 pack


Put together your own ‘selection box’ from bottles of Paolozzi lager, our all new BUNK! Edinburgh Brown and half pint glasses. Pick a total of 12 items from:

1. bottles of Paolozzi lager (choose between 1 and 10)

2. bottles of BUNK! Edinburgh Brown (choose between 1 and 10)

3. half pint glasses (choose between 1 and 10)

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Product Description

Mix and match box featuring multi-award winning Paolozzi lager (5.2% abv) and BUNK! Edinburgh Brown (6% abv), with its smooth mouthfeel and delicious coffee and chocolate notes.

Additional Information

Paolozzi lager

1 bottle Paolozzi lager, 2 bottles Paolozzi lager, 3 bottles Paolozzi lager, 4 bottles Paolozzi lager, 5 bottles Paolozzi lager, 6 bottles Paolozzi lager, 7 bottles Paolozzi lager, 8 bottles Paolozzi lager, 9 bottles Paolozzi lager, 10 bottles Paolozzi lager

BUNK! Edinburgh Brown bottle

1 bottle BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 2 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 3 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 4 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 5 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 6 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 7 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 8 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 9 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown, 10 bottles BUNK! Edinburgh Brown

Half pint glass

1 half pint glass, 2 half pint glasses, 3 half pint glasses, 4 half pint glasses, 5 half pint glasses, 6 half pint glasses, 7 half pint glasses, 8 half pint glasses, 9 half pint glasses, 10 half pint glasses


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